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Here’s a chilling statistic. If you use a motorcycle, you’re four times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than if you’re in a car.

If you just get injured (as 80,000 or so Americans do every year) or your bike is stolen (as 60,000 are each year – can you believe that?), you might count yourself “lucky”…but only if you have good motorcycle insurance protection. Otherwise you might face a huge bill that makes you wish you’d never mounted two wheels.

Consider the facts: Relative to cars, the cost to purchase, maintain and repair motorcycles has soared in recent years. And since they’re more valuable, they’re more attractive theft targets. But these costs pale in comparison to the medical bills owners face for themselves, passengers and other victims if they’re not properly insured with a great NC motorcycle insurance policy.

If you are uninsured or maybe you’re just thinking the rate you’re currently paying seems too high for the kind of protection you have, you should be talking to McMillan Insurance Agency today.

The fact is that you should never ride uninsured any more than you should ride without safety gear. Not only is it against the law; it’s downright crazy to drive in North Carolina or South Carolina Maryland without motorcycle insurance.


McMillan Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency in Shelby, NC.  Call 704-692-3501 TODAY for a quote!

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