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ATV Insurance

Do you feel totally confident that you and your off road vehicles are covered when you are out riding? Without a great ATV insurance policy in North Carolina, chances are you are leaving a lot to risk.

North Carolina All Terrain Vehicle insurance (ATV) is specifically designed for you so you can enjoy your four wheeler, dirt bike, or other off road vehicles. without worries about the risks you are taking.

A great ATV protection plan covers both your vehicle and gives you enhanced medical coverage for any accidents. When you are away from home, you need a policy that can protect your power vehicle from theft and fire.  This is coverage only available with specific ATV insurance.

Your mind may be thinking about the cost.  But it is surprisingly inexpensive to cover your off road vehicle and protect yourself.

You may feel that your off road vehicle is covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Generally, these policies will not cover your ATV if it’s in a trailer or garaged away from your home. And if an ATV or off road motorcycle is stolen from your garage or shed, there most likely will not be coverage on your Home Insurance policy. But the right insurance policy will have you covered!

ATV insurance in North Carolina is available to recreational users of off road vehicles such as four wheelers, dirt bikes or snowmobiles. It offers comprehensive vehicle coverage and enhanced medical coverage suited to your needs.

McMillan Insurance Agency in Shelby, NC has the right ATV insurance policy for you at the right price! Contact our office right away and one of our insurance agents will make sure your off road vehicle has the proper ATV insurance policy to protect you!

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