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Special Event Liability Insurance Coverage

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Are you having a special event or a one day event in North Carolina? Then you need to consider Special Event Liability Insurance coverage or more commonly known as commercial general liability coverage. The purpose of this insurance coverage is to protect you, the event holder, the vendor, and even the venue from lawsuits arising out of someone getting hurt at your event.

In order to qualify as a special event the duration of the event must be less than 90 days but holiday events, plays, concerts, shows, weddings, festivals, business meetings, parties, parades and hayrides can all be special events.

Suppose that you are having a dinner/dance and a participant falls over an extension cord that you set up and hurts their back and needs surgery. It was out of your negligence they were injured. Do you have liability insurance coverage to provide you legal defense and protection?

In determining the cost for a Special Event Insurance Policy, the insurance company looks at the type of the event, the number of participants, volunteers and employees at the event and the hours of the event. In addition the company also considers who is providing the alcohol, the food, and the security. Are you doing it yourself or are you subcontracting that to others, such as an event planner or the venue itself?

Even if you have a comprehensive general liability policy for your business it may not be providing protection for the special event without a separate charge or policy being obtained. It is best to contact your carrier before planning a fund raiser to see if there will be a charge so that you can factor that into the ticket price.

At McMillan Insurance Agency we can provide you with  insurance coverage for most of your special events. We will help you to eliminate or reduce your liability exposure by obtaining certificates from others that you are hiring for the event, such as the caterer or the DJ.

We want your special event to be a success and not ruined by an unforeseen lawsuit. Give us a call at 704.692.3501 or fill out the Quote Request From and one of agent will give you a quote. Don’t delay do it today.

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