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Building a House

Protect what
matters to you!

Builder’s Risk Insurance- Protect your investment the right way!

Ground up construction to renovation/remodel projects, we have a builder’s risk insurance policy to meet your needs.

f you are building a home from the ground up or adding a story or gutting an existing building you need a builder’s risk insurance policy.

Imagine you are having your dream home built and the weekend before the walls were to be closed, someone came in and ripped out of the electrical work in the building, to get the copper.

Whether you are the homeowner, or contractor, the policy can be written to protect your interest.  The named insured has some contractual rights under the policy, but the terms and the conditions are normally the same.

New construction is when the building is built from the ground up.  Where there was no previous existing structure before the project work began.

If there is an existing structure that will be modified, for example adding an new addition or a 2nd floor, that is considered a remodeling project.  If the structure was demolished but the foundations remains, that can be considered remodeling in most cases.

For new home construction, a builder’s risk insurance policy is generally a more cost-effective approach rather than a homeowner’s insurance policy. This is because the insured is not paying to cover contents, just the structure being built.


 There are some coverages available in a builder’s risk that are not on a homeowner such as debris removal, pollution clean-up, property in transit or property stored offsite at a temporary location.

Do you have a new construction or remodeling project coming up?  If so reach out to us at 704.692.3501 or fill out our Free Quote Form for some options for builder’s risk insurance.

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