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Non Profit Organization Insurance

A non profit is any organization classified by the internal revenue as a 501 (c)

Nonprofits come in all forms from those formed for the public benefit, charities, and organizations formed for social and educational purposes.  The risks for each nonprofit is unique but there are some risks shared by all.  Understanding your non profit insurance takes an insurance agency that is familiar with working with non profits.  At McMillan Insurance Agency we have several insurance companies that specialize in writing non-profits and their policies are written specifically for your needs.

Common nonprofits consist of churches, adult shelters, ethnic clubs, plays, charity groups, food banks, soup kitchens and thrift stores.  Fraternal organizations such as American Legions, Veterans of Foreign War, Elks, and Lions organizations are all non-profits. Trade organizations such as chambers of commerce or business associations are considered non profit.


As a nonprofit you need to consider coverage for your property insurance, general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance as well as directors and officers liability, employment related practices liability insurance and liquor liability insurance coverage. Fundraising is usually a huge concern for non profits so you also need coverage for your special events which may include fairs, dances or family fun day events.  What ever your needs, McMillan Insurance Agency is here to help.

Call McMillan Insurance Agency today at 704.692.3501 to get your NC non profit organization covered!

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