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Getting Married Soon? Why Do you need Wedding Insurance?

t’s the big day, your wedding day. The invitations have been sent out and returned, the weather is supposed to be perfect, and you even have your favorite band from high school ready to perform. But have you forgotten something? Do you have wedding insurance?


Are you adequately protected by your homeowners insurance for this big day? Don’t take the chance of reducing your limits due to a claim on your wedding day.


  • Guests at your wedding become sick from food poisoning- medical bills and costs of staying home from work totaling in tens of thousands.

  • A guest slips and falls, spilling and staining the carpet, and severely damaging her knee in the process, requiring several surgeries and replacement carpet totaling over $150,000.

  • A minor was wrongly served at the reception, after leaving he gets in his car, only to lose control and strike a pole just a mile down the road. The bride and groom along with the facility are sued for serving to a minor, totaling nearly $300,000!


How can you be sure you are protected at your wedding? The answer is to buy Wedding Insurance.

Contact McMillan Insurance Agency today. Weddings are stressful, we get it. That’s why we are here to make sure you are protected on your very special day. This is supposed to be the greatest day of your life and McMillan Insurance Agency is going to be sure you are protected. After all, accidents don’t RSVP for the wedding. You can never be too sure, and as the old saying goes. “It’s better to be safe than sorry”; especially on this very special, once in a lifetime day.

In determining the cost for a Special Event Insurance Policy- Wedding Insurance, the insurance company looks at the type of the event, the number of participants, volunteers and employees at the event and the hours of the event. In addition the company also considers who is providing the alcohol, the food, and the security. Are you doing it yourself or are you subcontracting that to others, such as an event planner or the venue itself?

To reduce your liability exposure it is important that you also obtain certificates of insurance from others that you hire for the event. These consist of caterers, DJ’s, bands, and anyone else you hire for entertainment or help with the wedding planning and actual event.

When you partner with an insurance professional at McMillan Insurance Agency for your wedding, you will be talking with an agent who will ensure the various insurance protections that align with your wedding are proper for the event. We have protected weddings of North Carolina couples for decades and will put together a premiere package for your wedding at an affordable cost.

If you have any concerns or questions about wedding coverage, please give us a call at 704.692.301, stop in and see us, or simply fill out the Free Quote Form and we’ll be more than happy to close up any gaps you may have in your insurance coverage

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